Lisa Broedlin Malis


Malis is a product family
consisting of three
different tables, which are
milled from one 12mm
MDF sheet and
corresponting to the
flatpack principle. It was
ensured that the plug-in
connections are only
composed of tongue,
groove and crossed flutes.
Each table points out
various proportions and
has two levels on diverse
heights. This variance of
each table can be used
individually - next to the
bed as a place for the
glasses and the reading
lamp or as a storage space
for broschures besids the
chair - or as a sculptural
composition in the living
room. Inspiration for the
architectural design
language was the work of
Eileen Gray and Theo van
Doesburg. While the DNA
of the various products
within the range is the
same, they can be
distinguished by their
different proportions. Due
to the two different levels,
which define a three-
dimensional space, your
table appears new in every
different perspectives, so
that there is no clear front-
rear- and sideview.

© Lisa Broedlin, 2015